Thursday, March 17, 2005
  Boxes, boxes, and more boxes...
We live amongst the boxes. Thanks to Chuck a good portion of the ones in the kitchen are empty. We still have a fair piece to go, but it's good (not all good mind you).

The house is really cool. I love the living room. Our upstairs lair is more than adequate, though the bathroom is lacking in the headroom department. The kids' rooms are spacious enough. The yard is desperately in need of some TLC, but spacious. In short I think it's a keeper.

Leigh is meeting with some friends tonight and I hope that I can take that opportunity to get some of the living room and perhaps our bedroom in better shape. The call of the TV will be difficult to resist, but I can do it.

As a side note if you want to help my mood you can order one of my Think Geek desires by clicking over there on the right. Or as a cheaper alternative you can click on the comments link and let me know that these bites are being read by someone other than Morse and my Mother-in-law. :-)
Hi Sparky. I'm checking in every day to see what you are doing. Rock
And your mother-in-law and I want more respect.

So neither of you cheapskates is buying me anything. :p
But Captain, our love transcends the exchange of material goods for services.
True enough.
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