Monday, July 31, 2006
  Dr. Phibes Rises Again...
Between working on putting together a new swing set for the kiddos and holding down the fort with them while the missus worked all day Saturday, I managed to get to Ed McKay's used books and pick up Batman Begins and Dr. Phibes Rises Again.

I watched the latter last night with my lovely wife. It was as chock full of camp, weirdness, novel offing of characters, and organ music as I remember. Well worth the cash I plunked down for it. I think the thing I love most about it was Inspector Trout. Watching him and his boss track Phibes as people died around them was a hoot (in a really weird way).

If you want a look at a homicidal maniac that could teach Freddy a thing or two go rent this. Heck, buy it. The Midnite Movies release of it is as barebones as can be, but the transfer is clean and it's dirt cheap.
  Feasting on Asphalt...
While I am not an Alton Brown superfan or stalker, I do love me some Good Eats. Saturday, Food Network had a GE marathon and a behind the scenes of the show followed by Feasting On Asphalt, a new mini-series featuring the greatest foody instructor on TV. He and his crew will be driving across country using back roads only and stopping at unknown places for "road food" when hungry.

The initial episode was great. They actually broke the rules at the first restaurant, because he wanted to show what he considered to be a true road food joint Jack's Cosmic Dogs in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. During the premier they ate pickled pig's feet, some excellent looking biscuits, and went to South 21 Drive In in Charlotte, North Carolina. I believe I'll be headed there on my next trip down.

This would be a truly awesome way to spend a month! Give it a look, August 5th, 12th and 19th at 9:00 pm.
Friday, July 28, 2006
Things have been a little slow around these here parts. I've been pumping out a quality post a day at Morse's blog and he seems to like them (as do I). Those take some time though and work has been pretty busy.

So in lieu of anything titillating or perhaps even interesting I will share with you the deal I got from Amazon. For forty-five bones I got (or rather will get):

At Folsom Prison - I am rediscovering my love for the Man In Black.
The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty/Creedence Collection - CCR RAWKS!!!!
Spider-Man 2 - No idea why it's taken me so long to order this. It's better than the first and I haven't seen it since I saw it in the theater.
28 Days Later - I sort of blind bought this. I had purchased a copy better than a year ago and lent it to a guy I worked with. He left not to long after and never returned it. So by rights I've probably spent more on this movie than I should have.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl [Soundtrack] - Looking forward to this a great deal. I don't own many soundtracks but this was CHEAP and the review was good.
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Internets Madness...
Get all your latest cool junk from (some of which written by yours truly):



Crazy Catholic Conservative (Not Mel Gibson)

The Thinklings

Goblins Web Comic

Girl Genius

  Sony E-Book Review...

PC Mag has a veeery promising review of this up. The idea of reading text off of a screen doesn't usually appeal (okay not something book length anyway), but this e-ink stuff looks cool. It seems compact enough and if I can add whatever I want to it (non-proprietary e-books) and if it isn't hideously expensive (it probably will be) and if it makes books cheaper (the only thing more RIDICULOUSLY expensive than CDs and this probably won't change that because publishing companies are as greedy as record companies, BREEEEATHE) then it might be worth a go.
  Lamborghini Gallardo Convertable...
Okay so I'm not a gear head, but I love playing Burnout: Revenge and I love drifting around corners in that game. I would also love to have this guy's job for at least one day.

Friday, July 21, 2006
Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries is probably my favorite new burger joint. They're certainly pricier than fast food, but it was worth it. Nine bones got me their bacon cheeseburger (onions, lettuce, pickles, toms, sauteed mushrooms, and mustard), a bucket of fries (regular size equal to any other place's jumbo xtra large), and a good sized sweet tea.

The burgers are hand patted and made to order (the way it should be). The fries looked hand cut to me. They have a big bin of them near the grill. They also have buckets of peanuts in the shell on every table. The restaurant itself wasn't much to look at, but I didn't mind. I had business with the burger-strosity in front of me. Their regular burger is two patties, not too thin or too thick, with lots of bacon. The whole affair was just a little bigger than my mouth and believe me that's a good size. Go get some!
Thursday, July 20, 2006
  Tesla Car...

From Uncrate:
No, not Tesla the band — Tesla the maker of electric cars. One of the reasons electric motors have been long lamented is the fact that they're slow. Or at least they used to be. The Tesla Roadster ($TBA; 2007) is the first entirely electric car we'd recommend. Featuring a 0-60 time of 4 seconds, a range of 250 miles per charge while averaging an equivalent of 135 mpg, and drop-dead gorgeous looks, this is one green-friendly auto that everyone is sure to love.
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
  A Real American...

Okay true believers, I have heard two CDs that anyone with any taste in music need to own. I don't buy CD's very often because frankly they are too gosh darn expensive. Thankfully this is my birthday and I was given both American IV: The Man Comes Around and American V: A Hundred Highways.

My absolute favorite on IV is "The Man Comes Around". It is replete with Biblical imagery, but that's not the only thing that makes me love it. It is pure poetry and anyone who can write a song like this and "Folsom Prison Blues" deserves every ounce of respect they get. Mr. Cash sings several, I don't want to call them covers, let's say standards because wannabes/tribute bands sing covers. Some of them came across as a bit odd at first. "Bridge Over Toubled Water" is a song I've loved for years and hearing it come out of his mouth was striking and a bit unsettling. "Streets of Laredo" was the best of that bunch.

The ones that stood out on V were "God's Gonna Cut You Down" and "Like the 309" (the last song he recorded). The spirituals on this record are also fantastic. One of the things I love about Mr. Cash is how he is able to tell both Christian and secular stories without losing authenticity in either.
Monday, July 17, 2006
  Collaboration Station...

I'm a long time reader of CodeMorse where I go for my daily dose of political commentary and insanity. Today I joined the blog as its newest team member. Read my thoughts on a new spy chip. While you're there catch up on their other stuff.

PS - I'll still be posting my own brand of madness here, here, and here as life permits.
  Dragonlance Movie...
Okay I have to admit that I read the Dragonlance novels when I was in college, most of them anyway. And I quite enjoyed them. I especially like Raistlin Majere, the uber mage with funky eyes. Imagine my surprise when I found out this morning that there is indeed going to be an animated movie made of this thing. That was cool, but when I discovered that Kiefer was voicing Raistlin, well let's just say that my interest ratcheted up a few dozen notches. Keep in mind that my interest was at zero at 8:45am. Movie site.
Friday, July 14, 2006
  Screw-on Head...
As if knowing it was my birthday, Sci-fi has put the pilot to Mike Mignola's The Amazing Screw-on Head on their website. It is truly bizarre and truly funny. If you liked the Hellboy movie odds are pretty good you'll enjoy this. And as a capper David Hyde Pierce who voiced Abe Sapien in HB voice Emperor Zombie here. Enjoy!
  Thirty-five years ago...
The mountains shook, gerbils spontaneously burst into flame, the moon turned to ricotta cheese briefly (not cottage cheese, though I do like that it is inferior), the oceans dropped over a millimeter in depth, and I burst onto the scene. That's right today (well thirty-five years ago today) I sprang from my mother's loins fully formed.

If you wish to get me a present all I ask is that you give me a holler in the comments below (remember, keep it pithy). But if you insist on giving me a gift of a more... physical nature you can click here or heck you could give the gift that keeps on giving in my name here but mostly a comment would tickle me, particularly if you are the sort who doesn't typically leave one.

My wife certainly knows the way to my heart. She gave me a gift basket with:
6 Black Hook Porters
Chocolate covered brownie dough
Nestle Crunch Dark Stix
Butterfinger Stix
Cappucino Wafer Rolls
Seattle Chocolates Espresso Infused Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar
Seattle Chocolates Cocoa Nibs in Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar
an amaretto cake
Kenyan coffee
Snyder's Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sandwiches
Extra Dark Chocolate Pastilles
and some beautiful purple and yellow flowers

I also got some Choxie dark chocolate covered espresso beans from my mother-in-law. And my Mom got me Cash's American IV & V and some moolah.
Thursday, July 13, 2006
  Fish Tacos...
Time to break in that new foodie icon f'realz. In a rush this morning due in part to a late morning gettin' up, a daughter who wanted to pick her dad some flowers, and helping a friend with a ride I left my sack lunch at home. A shame too because it was a really nice BBQ glazed chicken breast sammich. So I decided rather than suffer I would go out to lunch. This doesn't happen very often mind you and should be a reason for celebration. In this case it was.

I heart Moe's in a major way. If you have one near you then you probably Moe... uh know about how good they are. If you don't they are similar to a Qdoba or a Chipotle. If you (you sad, sad soul you) are unfamiliar with those then suffice to say they do southwestern style food in a casual dining (slow, fast food) atmosphere. At Moe's you are greeted with a hearty "Welcome to Moe's!!" from the staff and the scent of cilantro/grilled meat/frying tortillas.

I usually opt for either a Homewrecker (head sized burrito w/ rice, beans, choice of protein, shredded cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce) or a Close Talker (taco salad with lettuce, beans, cucumbers, salsa, shredded cheese, black olives with choice of protein) and the protein is almost always beef, but I've been known to do it up with tofu. Today I saw a new menu item, the above mentioned tacos.

They serve it up in a double white corn tortilla with slaw and pico. The fish is grilled with a bit of spice. And this pooor little tortilla is CRAMMED let me tell you. The slaw is tangy and I'm guessing made with their chipotle ranch dressing and maybe some vinegar. It was a lovely experience and yet another reason why Moe rocks it hard. Go get you some!
Monday, July 10, 2006
  Book/Movie Meme...
From Jared at The Thinklings adn I am choosing to add a movie for each answer as well.

1. One that made you cry
Not really a crier, but a few have the power to choke me up.
Book: One doesn't immediately spring to mind.
Movie: Forrest Gump (when Jennie dies)

Shut up.

2. A book that scared you
Book: Pet Semetary/Christine - both finshed late at night when alone
Movie: Jaws.

3. One that made you laugh
Book: Brain Droppings, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Tucker is evil and immature but funny)
Movie: Any Danny Kaye movie.

4. One that disgusted you
Book: Catch 22
Movie: 8mm

5. One you loved in elementary school
Book: Where the Red Fern Grows
Movie: Star Wars (natch), Any Abott and Costello/Jerry Lewis

6. One you loved in middle school
Book: The Hobbit, 1984
Movie: Jedi, Excalibur

7. One you loved in high school
Book: The Bachman books
Movie: Highlander

8. One you loved in college
Book: The Once and Future King
Movie: Monty Python's Holy Grail

9. A book that challenged your identity or your faith
Book: Mere Christianity

10. A series that you love
Book: Hitchhiker's Guide
Movie: X-men

11. Your favorite horror
Book: Night Shift
Movie: The Fly (1958)

12. Your favorite science-fiction
Book: The Martian Chronicles
Movie: Blade Runner

13. Your favorite fantasy
Book: The Hobbit
Movie: The Princess Bride

14. Your favorite mystery
Book: The Silence of the Lambs
Movie: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

15. Your favorite biography
Book: Malcom X
Movie: Men of Honor

16. Your favorite coming-of-age
Book: Little Women
Movie: Stand By Me

17. Your favorite not on this list
Book: The Gunslinger
Movie: Cool Hand Luke
  New Buttons...

Thanks to my buddy Dave I have some new buttons.

One for beer:

One for food:

Is he the man? Why yes, yes he is.
Friday, July 07, 2006
  More Power...
More Power in the Blood is up at Scott's Brain for your perusal. I chopped it up into five parts for less scrolling. Enjoy!

PS - If you've read it before it'll pay to re-read the whole thing.
Thursday, July 06, 2006
  Pics from A-kon...
I was over at Penny Arcade and they have a guest who wrote a column for them, Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment. He went to A-kon and took some pics. Since I haven't got any pics yet I went to look and they're pretty good. Even better I'm actually sort of in one. I'm blocked by Jay, but I'm there. Here are the pics It loads reallllly slow, but I think it's worth it.

And if you don't want to play "Where's Scott-o":

  Cool shotgun...
Don't know how you feel about guns, but I'd think anyone would appreciate the level that this guy's shooting at. (It's a commercial for the Extrema2 Beretta shotgun.)

  Blog Party VIII: The Returns...
A blog party's where a bunch of fellow bloggers who frequent MCF's blog all do a post on the same day on the same topic. This party's topic, What are the best things in your life that have returned?

I could wax about movie remakes or think about finding items I had lost. But frankly none of the remakes of the last decade have lit me on fire and stuff is just that. There is one return that has happened in the last couple of years that was really meaningful to me though.

So okay, I flash back to 8th grade home room. I've just moved to Manteo, NC from Arkansas. I've always been a geek, an outsider (shock and horror) and now on top of that I was the new kid. I was desperate to find a friend. Enter one John aka Bear. Now to be honest, it's been more than a few years since then so the details are fuzzy. One (probably both) of us was doodling axes, swords, and other medieval paraphenalia. This sparked a discussion of D&D (which we both played) and from that blossomed a friendship that has lasted over twenty years (WOW).

We lost touch more than once along the way. College, moving around post college, and life all seemed to conspire to separate us. Or one touchstone was his cousin, a rock in more than one sense of the word. We finally caught back up in April of last year and that has been a source of great joy to me. Getting to see pictures of his wife and son and hear their story is indeed a great benefit of that return.

So all of this to say, use the 'net to find your old friends. If you're like me (and I'm far from unique) you haven't kept in touch with that buddy you had in elementary school. I found a couple of those guys recently and while we haven't spoken much since then it was good to know that they're alive and well. Maybe you have some family that you haven't seen or heard from in years. Go call them. Now. I'll wait...

Now don't you feel better? I'll close this with a request I've made from time to time in hopes that he'll find me. If your name is Bill Hatcher (not the nature photographer) and you attended Manteo High School in the late 80's email me!!!
  Flaming Beetle...
This is frickin' awesome:


Most people are content to pimp their rides with chrome spinners and a turbo kit. Not Ron Patrick. He wanted something unique for his 2000 VW Beetle. So he mounted a $270,000, 26,000-rpm, 1,350-horsepower, Navy-surplus helicopter jet turbine in the trunk.


The jet jumps the Bug’s speed from 80 to 140 mph in less than four seconds, at which point Patrick eases up on the throttle. He estimates that at 160, “the rear end would probably start to go airborne.”

MAN I would love to see that.

Monday, July 03, 2006
Teaching myself a programming language. Appropriately enough it's named after the comedy troupe. I know, I know between this and everything else when shall I have time to write? Maybe I'll give up my TV habit?
  I Pledge Allegiance...
Happy Independence Day Eve!!! I was listening to my favorite talk show, Brad and Britt, and apparently North Carolina is going to pass a law that requires schools to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and display the flags of both the state and the country. Here's part of the story. There's already a law that encourages school systems to "provide the opportunity". And it says that schools should not force students to do it.

Now at first blush I was like, "What's the problem?" Then after talking to B&B I gave it some more thought. This does smack of life back in the fifties; loyalty oathes, witch hunts, fear. That's not what out country should be about. The idea of making an oath to liberty and justice while forcing folks to say it, or at least forcing schools to "provide the opportunity" seems at least ironic. In that spirit and in the spirit of the fifties I will re-write the oath in a fashion that I imagine would please our president.

I pledge allegiance to the President
of the United States of America,
and to the Plutocracy for which he hungers:
one Nation divided,
With Liberty and Justice for those who can afford it.

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