Tuesday, March 08, 2005
  Chewer Web Logs

I put blogs from people who post on CHUD over on the side bar. I haven't perused them all but these guys seem pretty cool all the way round. Anyway proceed at your own risk. ;-)

Hey Scott, just now got to reading this, sorry. Good stuff all around. It's refreshing to read another blog from somebody who posts on a regular basis. Anyway, I have a blog out as well, it's momotaro37.blogspot.com and Patrick (Kid Ego) and Aaron DeLay (Seahawk) have them as well. They are www.cusher.net, access to the blog is P: accesscusher U: supergreen and Aaron's is www.postalley.com. Post Alley is Christian oriented, and of course mine and Patrick's are Christian based, so we're family friendly to read. I try not to cuss to much in it and give out porn links.... ;-) have a good one brother. I hope the move goes well for you and the family!!
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