Friday, March 25, 2005
  Good Friday
Well it's Friday anyway. We got to my In-Law's last night only to discover that one of our tires was basically toast.

We spent the night here, me on the couch thanks to our son. The van went into the shop and it was discovered that our idle arms needed replacing. It has cost us about 600 dollars, well a little less thanks to the afore-mentioned family, and about six hours of time, but at least we're safe and sound.

We had a good visit and will stay at my family's house at the beach until Sunday instead of Saturday since we've been here much longer than anticipated.

On Sunday I pick up my truck and that's an Easter present that has been much anticipated. It's a 1989 Ford F-150, but it's free so gift horse and all that.

All-in-all it hasn't been too bad, but good? We'll see.

One question to my brethren and sistren out there. Why is this called Good Friday anyway? Hanging on a cross wasn't exactly the best part of Christ's weekend. Ahhh well, guess that's a question to Google later.

Have a blessed day.
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