Wednesday, March 16, 2005
  High School Discrimination pt 2
At Morse's urging I dug deeper:
and it seems that quite a bit of abuse allegedly went on. I say allegedly because the school system settled out of court to save legal fees.

The six students got a total of $560,000 and the lawyers got the rest of the $1.1 million. (Now I can see why Morse is in law school ;-)) The school also training and meetings to its itinerary.

Now I know the suit wasn't worth it. The students got a pittance for their pain and suffering. The lawyers got a chunk of change. The school, which admitted no guilt, added something to its program which cost the taxpayers more money and in all likelihood won't prevent the hatred.

It does make Kerry look better in my eyes though. If you want to make a change don't go through the courts. Take a stand and form a group that might make a lasting difference.

As a side note, I can't STAND the ACLU.
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Thanks for taking the time to look deeper.

And you're absolutely right about the settlement changing nothing in any sort of lasting, effective way.

But that's true of most court ordered awards. How can money return a lost limb or a dead child? It can't, but our chosen justice system demands (and rightly so, I think) that some restitution be paid if only to deter others from acting in the same harmful manner.

And buddy, if you knew how many hours those lawyers put in for that money, you'd rethink your opinion of lawyers. :)

On average, a big-firm lawyer makes just above minimum wage, given the amount of actual hours they put in at the office.

So why am I in law school?

Well I certainly thing that their pain and suffering is worth more than 90K a piece.

As for how much lawyers make, sure they work their butts off (most of them) but that's still a healthy payday.
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