Wednesday, March 16, 2005
  High School Discrimination

This particular blog is in response to this entry at CodeMorse.

I can certainly understand the anger Morse feels. I hate it when people get picked on by a bunch of ignorant imbeciles. And Kerry did the right thing for standing up for what she believes in. She formed a club to stand up for diversity, not just homosexuality. I wish her much success in her endeavor.

One thing in the article caught my eye though, "Last year, six gay and lesbian former high school students won a $1.1 million settlement against the school district in Morgan Hill, Calif., for discrimination they suffered while students. They were verbally and physically abused by other students, according to the suit. "

I was verbally and physically abused by other students for being different. Where can I sign up to sue? High School students (and unfortunately some adults) will latch on to any difference and try and make your life Hell because of it. Is suing the answer? I mean I understand taking legal action if a school tries to block the formation of a club, but being picked on and bullied? That crap happens and always will. Doesn't make it right and if the principal is notified and does nothing then take it higher, but suing for damages seems a bit extreme.

Now this, "I just don't think it's right to have a club like this. It ain't in the Bible," said Gary Colwell, 18, a brick mason who grew up in the area. "We see them walking around holding hands, and it makes everybody feel uncomfortable." this does annoy me. We aren't a Christian country. Some of our founding fathers were, but just because something isn't in the Bible doesn't mean it shouldn't be allowed. Wake up Clem.

I say good for Kerry's parents, for supporting her. If one of my kids were homosexual I would hope that I would support them as well.
Well, I think it's too easy to assume that they won that sum because they were picked on like other high school kids are picked on.

The court system could never open the door to that sort of precedent, because every high schooler in this country would sue.

So, I assume there was something about their discrimination that was egregious.

And its not really anger I feel about this, exactly. That's just my usual hyperbole. It's more sadness at the basic inhumanity of Clem's statement.
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