Thursday, March 03, 2005
My family and I are moving which is a hateful thing. Our house is a complete disaster and neither of us feel like doing a blessed thing after she has the kids all day and I work all day. This is also not a good thing. Today I’m really overusing the word thing. I liked Thing in the Adams family (the tv show and not so much the movie which is weird because they’re both only disembodied hands after all). I didn’t really care for the remake of The Thing, though the special effects were nice and it had Kurt Russell in it. But I digress.

The upside of all of this moving business is we are using something called a PODS unit and it is waaaay cool. We are also going to get a fair amount of help from the folks at our church and that’s cool too. I guess in the balance of things it’s going to be a good experience. I am definitely going to enjoy being back in Winston Salem and our new house will be fun. If we can just barge through the next two weeks and emerge on the other side all will be good.
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It's true that moving is a thing that must of us hate even i shifted few days back and there were lots of memories left there which i will remember for ever.By the ways Thanks Scott for sharing your experince with us.

Moveable Cubicle,
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