Tuesday, March 08, 2005


No, I'm not talking about that nasty email that no one wants.  Eric Idle is realeasing a Broadway musical version of Monty Python's The Holy Grail as a musical.

Now I'm a HUGE fan of the movie and can quote it as well as my swiss cheese brain will allow, but do we really need a musical version of it?  Shouldn't Idle be doing something fresh and original as befits his history.  I know that the Circus borrowed liberally form a host of predecessors, what artist doesn't, but to just turn out a Broadway musical adapted from the movie seems a bit lazy at best and greedy at worst. 

Granted there are new songs and no doubt a fair sprinkling of that … odd British humor we know and love, but couldn't he be doing something original?  I dunno, maybe I'm overreacting.  I'll tell you this, I'd go see it.

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