Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Getting back in touch with old friends rocks!!

Had a good conversation with my old buddy Bear on Sunday. We caught up a little but have much more to do. He's in the process of emerging from a bad church related situation or maybe he's emerged completely. In any case our prayers are with you and your wife.

Still searching for the third member of our unholy triumvirate. Bill Hatcher if you're out there holla back.

Leigh and I had a good convo last night about our shortcomings. It almost became a battle royale but turned constructive at the last minute.

I really want to start homebrewing and it sounds like I have a couple of partners that may come onboard. It'll cut the expense certainly. The whole setup will be about a hundred and thirty bucks including bottles.

I really need to start writing more fiction and I also want to write some articles on my faith and the Bible. Too much writing and not enough time. Sigh...

Well that's all for now.

Peace out.
thanks guy. Talk more soon. Too much Greek in my head at the moment.
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