Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  Giving Illegals a Break on State School Tuition...
SO the legislature wants to give the children of illegal aliens a break on tuition provided that they qualify to get into the state school, have attended high school for four year, and apply for legal status. Where's the harm?

These kid's parents more than likely can't even afford tuition with the price break, but it puts it within range. If the kid does make it in then they become a legal citizen who will certainly make more money than they would've otherwise, thus increasing our tax base. Even on a purely humanitarian level it lets them pursue a dream that's the reason their parents are here.

Will it prevent other students from coming in? Maybe so, but odds are good that these students have more options available to them then the illegal kids do. It certainly won't prevent anyone from going to college.

This isn't a free pass to the college of their choice so how it will displace "thousands" I fail to see. I would imagine that the entrance standards are set lower for the Hispanic kids and righfully so, but once in everyone is held to the same standard. If they get in and can't perform then they'll wash out.

If all of this is really an issue then it means that the state will have to build more schools, provide more classes online and generally find ways to get more North Carolina grads into classrooms. Hey, maybe we could make it impossible for Virginians to attend! That would free up some room and I've met more obnoxious folks from just up north than any of the ones I've met from way on down south.
You approve of lower standards for Hispanics and then expect them to compete against those who met higher standards?

You're setting them up to fail. How is that a good thing?

Plus, since you have set lower standards and have a limited number of slots available, you know more qualified students get bumped.

I hope you enjoy paying taxes. All those new schools and teachers aint cheap. Best of luck.
I did say rightfully so didn't I? Well I'll tell you what, lower standards are set for black students adn they do well enough. On top of that maybe if they get in through lower standards then they might excel. Better to give them a chance. I know plenty of people that did better in college than they did in high school.

And I didn't set the admission standards, the schools do.

As for taxes, paying them is my civic duty. You don't like paying taxes then I suggest you move to Mars.
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