Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  Wal-Mart to Put Two New Stores in Forsyth County
Here's the whole story. Forsyth county put a zoning ordinance in place to make it examine each case of a "big box" store coming to roost in our fair city. Now, I'm not the biggest Wally World fan, but we shop there due mostly to price. Feeding five on one income is a big driver. I'm glad that according to the article it may not hurt the other grocers in the area. Competition is good and we are a capitalist society so it's not horrible form that end of things, but the location near Reynolda is a nightmare. It's a two lane road with no easy access to the highway and smack in the middle of a historic district. None of that makes the idea of a two-hundred thousand plus square foot warehouse store sound really yummy. Pray that the city council will see the light and make Wal-Mart rethink their decision.
It's very likely that they'll upgrade the street infrastructure the same time they are laying the foundation of the new store. Most Wal-Mart contractors require certain street-level improvements before or during construction or they won't sign the contracts, no matter how lucrative.
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