Wednesday, May 25, 2005
  The fight...
Call it a fight or a race or whatever you want but I'm done with it all for now. No more Church, no more Bible, no more prayer, not until I get some things sorted out in my head. Maybe not even then.

I'm tired of believing without evidence.

I'm tired of being thought of as a sinner who needs grace.

I'm tired of praying to thin air.

I'm tired of feeling like someone getting scraps from a feast.

I'm just plain tired.
Who are you and what did you do with Scott?
He's in a dark hole somewhere.
Now this scares me man. I've been in some dark, dank holes in my lifetime. In fact, I'm knee-deep in one right now, but I know that a certain jew has my back and that always brings me back around.
If you need someone to talk to, you know where to get ahold of me.
I do know (about both you and that pesky carpenter) and I appreciate the reminder. Talking to people is low on my list of priorities as I really don't want ot deal with this, but I will.
It's periods like this that usually make your faith STRONGER.

Whatever you figure out...you'll be alright.
Hey Scott,

I am completely confident that you will find the way out. I'll help as I can, but I believe that you will see God seeing you as a son, not an ungrateful servant.
Thanks you guys, whoever you are.
How did you get such an accurate picture, Captain E?
A guy I know made it for me from here http://www.planearium2.de/flash/sp-studio-e.html
Hey Scott,

The post saying "I am completely confident that you will find the way out. I'll help as I can, but I believe that you will see God seeing you as a son, not an ungrateful servant."

was from me. Couldn't post right for some reason. UGH.
Good to know. I don't mind people posting Anon. but putting your name in the comment would be good.
Why should you belive in god and why does anybody care if you do?
Well, I guess I have to side with Capt E. We are all expected to believe with blind faith, yet if we had been born in India or China, or Africa we would most likely believe in whatever faith we were born into. How do we KNOW for sure? Iknow, Iknow, I'm probably touching a jillion nerves here, but think. Such a loving caring God allowing years and years of suffering and torture of his "children"? What about all the babies that are abused, molested, killed and beaten. Such a loving God. I don't know, maybe I've lost my faith as well. I just know that here on earth if you trust blindly and have faith in anyone but yourself you usually end up screwed and tattooed.
Well JR I don't suppose anyone has to care and the whole point of this is I don't necessarily have to believe. But some people do apparently and I might or might not.
And bib the only issue I have with what you wrote is that we don't have to believe blindly. Some do and that's their choice. I choose not to which makes belief in an "invisible" god difficult, but not impossible.
And gee if I had known that what it took to get comments was agnst then I would've done this long ago. ;-)
And ubermilf (what a name) I don't see your comment here but I got it in an email.

Many people from many different faith have risked their lives for what they believe in. That can't be our only criteria.
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