Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Less angst-ridden post...
Well I actually had a pretty good weekend.

My in-laws came in Friday and we celebrated my daughter's birthday early.

Saturday was a mix of spending more time with the in-laws, lazing around a bit, getting work done around the house. Leigh spent some time with a friend and I vegged.

Sunday was church. I went though I wasn't in the frame of mind to go. The sermon flew way over my head. Sunday school was lively with more talk of heresy. We went out to eat and did some shopping.

Monday was a real treat. We spent the morning with Dan and Molly. Then that afternoon we went to Chez Gray and had a lovely picnic with the folks from the local SCA chapter. Leigh and I took turns at the archery range and I got to throw some axes/knives. That evening I played LOTR: The Third Age while Leigh snoozed on the couch.

All in all not a boring weekend but not too exciting. In a word, restful.

No SW Ep. III to be had, but I'm not broken up about it. It'll be around for another week or two at least.

God and I still aren't exactly what you'd call on speaking terms right now, but at least I'm not against the idea.
...like I give a fuck.
Now there's the angry God I know and love.
Glad you had a nice week-end. I really enjoyed my week-end. Fell asleep before getting to spend time with my daughter and he wonderful hubby, but I know they understand.

We've all had times when we don't seem to be on speaking terms with God. But you know what...He isn't going anywhere.

Isn't that a good thing to know? It may greave his heart, but He will be there when you are ready. That's the way it has always been for me.

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