Thursday, May 05, 2005
  Mummies and Rap Music…
Okay, so I’m watching the news and they show a piece on a mummy that was recently excavated. I LOOOOOOOOVE all things mummy, both IRL and in the movies. I even love Stephen Sommers, The Mummy.

So they show the mummy and it is really cool. Incredibly richly detailed and decorated. Everything is in pristine condition. There are pictures of various gods and goddesses all over the thing.

On comes the talking head and I hear the words “Mummy bling” come out of this VERY white man. I couldn’t get over it.

Now when a man this white uses a rap word to describe decorations on a 3.500 year old mummy, I can only believe that this word has not only jumped the shark but it is well on its way over the moon.

I’m working diligently to find this news clip. It must be seen.
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