Friday, May 06, 2005
  Star Wars: The TV Show
Old news to some but Lucas wants to do a live action TV show in the SW universe.

This could be great or it could really suck.

Great – Let us see more of the universe. Characters we’ve heard of on the fringe, new one, races/creatures we’ve only heard of. Get some fresh talent to write/direct. Make it episodic, maybe Twilight Zone-ish.

Suck – Let GL direct it. Give us crap like we got in the prequels (not horrible but nowhere near the OT). Characters/action that are lacking in spunk.

I wouldn’t mind it if this took place post ROTJ, but DON”T make it Episode VII. No jedis would be fine with me. Give me more Wookies, cool aliens, epic space battles, and no freakin’ prime directive!
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Hmm. Live action series made for TV to cash in on the movie craze.

Hmmm, indeed.

You know, they are going to have Jedi. Without them, there's no "Gee that's really cool" factor available.

I agree, though, don't let GL do any writing. He has never been able to write dialogue. Let him do the beuatiful scenery stuff and have the story IDEAS only.
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