Monday, May 23, 2005
  The Weekend
Friday - Went to Kalila's graduation and spent some quality time with my mom, aunt, and wife, discussing politics and religion without blood shed and prepared for the yard sale until about 1:00 am.

Saturday - Had a very successful yard sale. It meant having to get up at 5:00 am (whoever invented this rule needs to be hoss whipped) but it worked. After that I went with my daughter to pick up some mulch. I mulched various parts of the yard and mowed while listening to some Clapton. We went shopping were I got some Young's Waggledance Ale and some Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Leigh got a nice Riesling. We ate and put the kiddos to bed. After that some light housekeeping and the Waggledance finished off the evening with an early bedtime.

Sunday - Slept until 8:30!!! Missed church unfortunately, due to the fact that I wanted to accompany some new friends to an SCA heavy fighter practice. Saw some cool fighting and met some very nice people. After weedeating, I grilled some chicken marinated in Raspberry Walnut vinaigrette and Leigh made an outstanding salad and garlicky new potatoes. We worked on the kitchen and then collapsed in the living room to watch L&O:CI. D'Onofrio and Erbe are a mighty compelling team.
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