Thursday, June 16, 2005
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I've heard that the second half isn't as good as the first...

That's total bollocks. It's a great flick, lotsa fun.
Oh believe me I carry a pocketful of salt at CHUD.
Hey...that's weird.
What, the fact that I'm reading Wil Wheaton's blog?
My original comment was in the Batman post...like, where it belongs.
Wil Wheaton's blog is HIGH-LARRY-US. Or totally pathetic...I can't usually tell the difference.
Well blogspot is free so we forgive the occasional hiccough.

And Mr. Wheaton's blog is a good way to pass time.

I did find out from it that Winnie from the Wonder Years posed for Stuff. It's weird, her body grew up nice but she has the same face so it causes conflict.
Not for ME!
Yeah but you're a big fat pedo!!!
No.(ew...I am sending ninjas to kill you for that.) She's my age.

Not that much older than her or you (3.5 years older than her) but her face reminds me too much of her at 12 which is what I meant by conflict.
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I know what you meant, Gramps. My memories of her at 12 are inextricably linked to ME being 12, hence no conflict.

This conversation has officially ventured into the realm of HUH?
Well now that makes sense. Of course when she was twelve I was sixteen. Whippersnapper. Get off my damn lawn.
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