Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Also feel free to post a comment about your choice. This is part serious/part tongue in cheek.
I vote 4, school is boring. Computers suck your soul out, and now I can't remember the other. Shit I'm screwed. Not because I'm dumb, but because I'm too lazy to hit the back button :-)

No option for "gender reassignment surgery"?

I think you'd be happier as a man.

I'm very happy as a man currently, though were I a woman I would probably be a lesbian.
You could always join the circus or a Benny Hinn crusade.

Same thing.

There's always the option to move out west and join the Husker Nation. It only snows a foot deep most winters...
Nooooo thanks.
heh, better than Oklahoma winters were we get 3 inches a max. I voted teaching, as it warms my soul to picture in my head Scott with a tie and the magnificent beard I saw him with.
Thanks Jay!
I voted teaching also. I think, like me, you have a unique way of grasping multiple subjects and squeezing the greatest amount of knowledge out of them...

...then leaving them a broken, desiccated hull on the side of the road awaiting the carrion-feed.
I voted for the 4th choice....

I don't think you have a future as a clown,sorry, and I never felt your heart was really in computers.

Teaching...Is that your passion? Find that thing you love the most. You love reading and I know you love writing. I think you would make a great English Professor. Although teaching college freshmen might be a bore, it would give you time to write that great novel I know you have within you.

However, it is a decision that you and Leigh need to make together. Let me know how your decision making progresses.

Love You Bunches
Those of you that picked option 4, never fear. I shall make this ultimate decision using common sense, much research, and my wife's input (weighted towards the last). But I wanted additional input and have recieved it.
Go to school for creative writing.
I would but all of the programs that aren't full time are too far away/too expensive.
Think distance education dude! Maybe not in creative writing, but in something.
Distance education's all well and good (I've done it before) but for a graduate level program I don't know if it's for me.

And the distance MFA programs I have found are REALLY expensive.

So I say why not go to a local unie for evening classes.
BTW do I know you?
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