Thursday, June 23, 2005
  Solar Sail vehicle lost… or is it?

"The booster's failure means that the solar sail vehicle was lost," said spokesman Vyacheslav Davidenko. "The Russian navy is searching the area for the debris of the booster and the vehicle."
Several hours before the announcement in Russia, U.S. scientists at the California-based Planetary Society said they believed they had detected signals from the $4 million spacecraft and that it was in orbit.
Later, however, the Planetary Society, which organized the mission, conceded that if the rocket failed during first-stage firing, then "this would mean that Cosmos 1 is lost."

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

I mean I don’t want to go all conspiracy theorist here, but we’re trusting the Russians now? Weren’t they our enemies for like ever?

I can envision this clearly.

The Russians launch this solar sail satellite (I love alliteration) knowing either a) that it will full well work and will thus take advantage of it for their own nefarious purposes or b) it’s actually a decoy and they’re launching a platform weapon into space.

Pfc. Ivan is sitting at the weapons console and Cpt. Stanislov is looking over his shoulder.

The launch was successful Captain.

Good. I will notify the Admiral and he will begin phase two of Operation Stormcrow. America will be ours before you can say double vodka on the

Or maybe the signal that the Planetary Society detected was random space noise. That could happen, right?
Move over Tom Clancy
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