Monday, June 20, 2005
  The weekend…
Well my weekend started and ended with a bang.

Friday Leigh and I watched “The Wedding Singer”. This is in my opinion Sandler's best flick and carries a solid 8/10 for me. I could watch this once a week. How can you not love Drew Barrymore. And it makes fun of every 80's cliche without being mean about it.

Saturday we got a ton of work done around the house. Saturday night I saw “Batman Begins” (Thanks Rob!) which was truly awesome (8.5/10).

Sunday we had church and the guest pastor gave an awesome sermon on our “owner mentality” (Leviticus 25 and Matthew 21). And we had a great cookout with our small group (which led to a challenging discussion on my need to get a second job).

Then Monday came. The engine on my truck decided to violently expel my oil filter causing a large hole to appear. This will in all likelihood necessitate either a new engine or a new vehicle. Looks like I needed that sermon to remind me that the truck wasn’t really mine and that I need to rest in God’s ability to send something better my way.

More about the Batman and Christian Bale’s awesomeness later.
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