Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Go read Virus Doc's take on a NOW protest and the concept of choice. Then go read Get Religion here and here.

Those views pretty well sum up my views on the whole abortion thing. Yes I'm a democrat, but I believe that abortion is the worst possible choice that can be made. I do not believe that it is a choice that our Constitution should be used to defend. I believe it needs to be a state's rights issue. I don't believe that children should be able to get abortions without parental consent. (That strikes me as an attempt to conceal the crime of statutory rape since I don't believe that a child can legitimately consent to sex and I can't believe that a 13 year old girl has the presence of mind to say no to an abortion if pressured to get one by a man who pressured her to have sex in the first place.)

I could see a case being made for an abortion when it is a case of the mother being raped or if the mother is in imminent danger, but those are pretty extreme exceptions and can be adequately handled by the state.

I am pro life in just about every sense except for that of assisted suicide. I do believe that a person should have the choice to end their own life and if they need help to do so then they should get it. That's all for now.
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