Monday, July 11, 2005
  Are We Christians Lazy or Just Stupid…
I saw this in the local B&N yesterday while I had the kids on an outing.

Who needs a book to tell them how to mine religious messages from Narnia? I mean I love it (I’m re-reading the whole shooting match), but it’s really a series for kids, a fairy story, and not complex enough to need a study guide. If you’re a reasonably well read brother then you ought to be able to make it out on your own.

I find it almost as silly as

That got me to thinking about something I read on another blog (I’d link it but I forget which one it was at) regarding how easily we swallow the silliest flavor of the week because it happens to be Christian (I’m looking at you Mr’s LaHaye, Jenkins, and Warren). Not that there isn’t value in their books, but we are capable of better as believers.

We don’t need someone telling us to think positive and good things will happen. We do need complex stories about realistic people. We do need movies that show people, Christian people, as capable of sinning. We don’t need any more Carman movies (I love you brother but stick to singing).

We have so many folks out there capable of thinking for themselves and creating challenging art, but I have a feeling that they would be shunned by the majority for being controversial.

Expect more from Christian publishers and artists. Let them push the boundaries. Don’t buy something just because you saw it in a Christian bookstore or heard about it on TBN. And if you do, read it with a critical eye.

End of rant.
Here Here!

I second thy rant, valiant sage. Too much drivel and contrivance! Ever wonder why I don't read Christian fiction? No suspension of belief is possible. Plastic characters, wooden dialogue. Lucas at least distracts us with scenery to overcome these things.

ARRRGH! Study guide to Narnia. More LaHaye books! AAAARGH!
There's some decent CF, but too little.
Narnia tops that list. I haven't read the "Left Behind" series, but I did listen to the first book on tape (long road trip). I wasn't impressed, but it was a good time killer.
I say if you find Naria full of plastic character and cruddy wordmanship, I urge you to indulge me why you think so. I thought although they were written with children in mind, they are seven wonderful books (Voyage of the Dawn Treader being my favorite).
Ahhh my dear friend you misunderstand. My ire was not directed at Prof. Lewis or any of his fine books. Rather I am irate at today's Christian authors who can't even serve C.S. a cup of Earl Grey. I am reading them at present (reading them in his prefered order in a hardbound edition I bought for my wife) and loving them. Finished LWAW last night.
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