Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  I swear...
Guilford county judges recently rejected offers by the Greensboro Islamic center to donate copies of the Koran for Muslims to swear on.

I think they just need to do away with swearing on any book since even swearing on the Bible is meaningless to most people and even some serious Christians won't swear on a Bible (using Matthew 5 I believe).

Either way, whether you swear on your Holy Book or a stack of Denny's restaurant menus, if you lie that's perjury. As it is you have the right to just make an affirmation. I have no doubt that no matter what decision is made, someone will be offended.

If we allow swearing on the Koran - This will offend right wing Evans.
If we don't allow it - This will offend Muslims.
If we don't allow swearing at all - This will probably offend both.

I mean after all you can't just take someone's word that they'll tell the truth. You have to bring a god in somehow.
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