Thursday, July 28, 2005
  If You Go Missing I Hope You're White...
Latoyia Figueroa is missing. Unfortunately for her, she's black and pregnant so she doesn't get any TV time.
Neither of them had the money to pay the $35 insurance co-pay for prenatal care, so they (LaToyia and Baby Fatha No. 2) left the hospital and drove back to southwest Philadelphia, police said.

Before heading back to his place for some midday long strokes, the pair stopped off for some fried food at a seafood-takeout restaurant. Class--real class. Not enough money to care for your child, don't save your money, go get some greasy fish sticks and fries. Pure savagery. This isn't national news because it represents the norm in that neighborhood. My only question is--did they drink grape soda and eat bbq potato chips with that meal?
Don't have the balls to put your name it, you racist cunt?
The outcome here was no big surprise as I’ve been saying all along. All of these people were trash. Baby Daddy No. 2 was a savage and LaToyia actually slept with this guy and made yet another illegitimate child, or at least tried, and then when they couldn’t even scrape together $35 for the prenatal insurance co-pay, this animal allegedly stole a car and then killed her. Darwinian Theory at it’s finest. Animals, pure animals. That’s why this didn’t deserve coverage–nobody cares about these evil people.

Natalee, on the other hand, didn’t do anything wrong. She did exactly what most of you women have done at least 10 times in your lives–leave a club, bar, party etc. with a guy you only knew for a week or so. Most of you probably did it with a guy you met that very same night. Don’t deny it, I’ve been with plenty of women just like you who have left with me.

Anyway, MOST IMPORTANTLY, did you see the comments by Richard Cranium at the All Spin Zone, saying that he is pleased that Bob Costas refused to report on Natalee. This guy has exposed himself to be just who I said he was all along–a guy who used a missing minority woman to try to make some statement about race and media. He obviously doesn’t give a damn about missing women. How do you feel about Richard the Idiot’s statement about Natalee? I am calling for everyone to Richard’s site at the All Spin Zone to see how this guy is a complete scumbag.


Where is the reward money? It was suggested by someone that Cranium arrange for the reward money to be turned into a Scholarship Fund for LaToyia’s daughter. Cranium tried to get off that topic really quickly, and said “let’s just get through today” as if he had some personal stake in LaToyia’s death–what a joke. He’s avoiding the subject about the reward money and I want to know if he will return it to the donors and why he is avoiding turning it over to LaToyia’s daughter. The important question here is who has custody of these monies. I suggest they immediately be turned over to a reputable accounting firm for disbursement.

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