Friday, July 01, 2005
For purely economic reasons my wife and I are giving up the Dish starting today for two months (canceling it all together cost money but we can suspend service for free, go fig). I am a TV junky and this scares me.

I will miss Alton Brown. I will miss Iron Chef. I will miss History and Law and Order (in all its iterations) and all of the rest.

But I am hoping that this will lead to my reading more. I want to write more. I want to play games with my wife and kids. And thanks to a weakness I have for this single-lensed box sitting in my living room, I haven't been doing those things. Heck, even going to bed early may become a nice habit to get into.

And hey it is the summer so we'll largely be missing a bunch of crap reruns anyway. But those crap summer reruns have been part of my life for quite a while, so even they will be missed though it's the TV equivalent of drinking sterno.

In any case I won't really miss network TV. They often cancel shows that show promise (Welcome to the Neighborhood, Revelations, Manimal) and let shows that were good enough for a while languish into mediocrity (ER, L&O, the Simpsons).

The premium channels are where it's at anyway. If you have an interest then I bet there's a channel that if it isn't devoted to it at least shows a few dozen hours a week of it (Poker, Shopping for Stuff, Food, Golf, Horror). Heaven forbid you should actually get up and do any of these things (okay except for that last bit, we have enough homicidal people running around).

The cable/satellite industry should give it to us a la carte anyway. I want to pay twenty bucks and get what I want. All I need is one local channel for news and like three or for premiums. Who can watch six hundred channels anyway.

Oh well, wish us luck in our grand experiment, even if we aren't doing it because we want to.
Also might give you an opportunity to see some movies made this millenium.
That Mr. Katan.... er Scruggins takes money and baby sitters, things often in short supply. And frequently you can't have the first without the second until our first daughter is old enough that is.

But we are going to go see WotW this weekend so I'm told. We have aquired the sitter. Now all I have to do is sell some plasma.
Wrong Texan, methinks.

You saw Batman and gave it the appropriate correct review , so we cool and the gang.

War of the Worlds is the priests tits.
You guys all look alike from NC.
Good for you...even if you don't want to. We may have done a lot wrong in our four years of marriage but deciding not to have TV was something we did right. The library is great for getting videos/DVDs and the movies from previous eras are better (and cleaner) anyway. We've got a 5 month-old and a three year-old but thankfully my mom is nearby. ...got here from Challies--had to check out anyone who likes horseradish cheddar. We are cheese and spice fanatics around here, as well as amateur chefs.
Welcome, welcome. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

I've certainly listened to more music, talked more, played more X-box, and watched more movies since we cut the... satellite feed.
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