Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  Yeeeehah, Bring on Them Laser Guns
I like this article but have a few problems with it.

Since the ammunition is merely light or radio waves

The ammunition would include the power to generate the waves.

"When you're dealing with people whose full intent is to die, you can't give people a choice of whether to comply," said George Gibbs, a systems engineer for the Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Program who oversees directed-energy projects. "What I'm looking for is a way to shoot everybody, and they're all OK."

An example of why you should never let a systems engineer or a marine make a public statement.

Military officials also say more needs to be done to assure the international community that directed-energy weapons set to stun rather than kill will not harm noncombatants.

If you're stunned aren't you harmed in some fashion. And if you're harmed aren't you still alive?

The whole Active Denial gun-thing sounds good but the name sucks, unless you're describing the state most politicians are in.

the Middle East because, he contends, people there are especially afraid of lightning

I think people are afraid of lightning everywhere
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