Monday, August 29, 2005
  Mini Reviews...
You probably know the synopsis and if you don't you can click the movie title for a breakdown.


I liked this movie a great deal. Paul Giamatti was wonderful, managing to be interesting and likable in spite of his character's depression. TH Church was also quite good and avoided the trap of being a stereotypical likable scoundrel in spite of being just that. The movie was absolutely beautifully shot. The pace was great. The only problem I had with it was where Jack broke down. I was sure it was an act the whole time, but I guess he was being sincere. I loved the scene where Miles retrieves Jack's wallet and the ending was perfect. 9/10

Ginger Snaps Back

Thia was a pretty well done horror movie. I've only seen part of the first movie so I wasn't going in completely blind. Lots of gore and good jump scares. Not as much tension as it should have had and I was a bit annoyed with the fact that the girls seemed stuck in the 20th century character-wise. 7/10


The funniest movie I've seen in a while. Ben Stiller pretty much steals the show, but the rest of the cast does very well. Justin Long was my favorite "Joe" even over Vince Vaughn. I loved the "alternate ending" on the DVD and the were great too. Go rent this puppy now. 9/10
I've seen the first two Ginger Snaps movies, and I would like to at least finish out the series. And man, that little girl at the end of 2...creepy!!

I liked Dodgeball, and feel in love with Sideways. I have a friend who enjoys his vino and I have to give him grief whenever he drinks merlot. :) ...Cuz I AM NOT drinking Merlot!
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