Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  My Spiritual Journey (abridged version)...
Ispired by Sleight of My Hand

My family was nominally Christian growing up. I went to church only when I visited my grandparents or a friend who was a regular church goer. I did go to church during my 11th year but that was my choice. I was baptized and made a confession of faith, but pretty much left that in the dust until my sophomoree year of college.

I then started to search for my faith in earnest. I always believed in some sort of God, but really had no idea as to what that was like. I returned to my Christian roots in my search but also looked at most of the other world religions in a mostly academic way. I went back to church (mostly for comfort and a sense of belonging) and found a group of nice people who wanted to do nice things for other nice people as long as you dressed right, talked right, and where otherwise presentable. Left that place after about a year.

I met my wife (she was raised very conservatively and pitched her values overboard during college) and after a while we both decided that we needed church (not so much God). We went back to that nice church and eventually got married there. After a while we left that church and decided to find somewhere that really wanted to challenge us and teach us the Bible.

Today we are part of a wonderful Presbyterian church and God finally has a hold of us. It’s not been an easy journey and it’s not over yet, but it has been interesting.
This gives me hope Scott. I figure if you and your wife can make it back after so long, so can a lot of other people. Keep on keepin' on brother.
And the journey goes on.
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »
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