Wednesday, August 10, 2005
  New picture...
for my profile. That's me age 10. Aren't I cute (Air Force Dependent issue glasses and all)?
Are those bars on your shoulders? This looks like a still from that old Disney movie, "The Youngest Admiral" starring you and Kurt Russell.
Dude, seriously....that looks like you NOW.
No that's just the chair back.

And yeah, scary ain't it. Give that boy a trim and some decent specs and that's me.
I prefer this one.
You forgot the stache man.
That's what your chin looks like?

Amazing. :)
That's a rough approximation. A mock-up if you will. My actual chin look more like this:

Fixed it.
He is absolutely adorable! I want ten of him! We will be a beard farm and will raise the finest chin-crops in the county!
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