Monday, August 01, 2005
  Revenge of the Sith...
seen. (I know I know...) It was pretty good really. I found myself last night with time on my hands and two bucks in my pocket. I'll say it was the best of the three PTs. I didn't get any tinglys and I should have so that's why it doesn't break an 8/10. Visually it was stunning. The dialog wasn't as awful as everyone has said (it wasn't good though). I really wish that the second movie was spent building the friendship beween Obi Wan and Anakin. It would've made the friendship more believeable and the endiong more tragic, but whatever. It's done and I'm glad. That euns totally opposite to my feeling at the end of ROTK. Where are my Hobbit and Silmarillion movies dang it!!
I can easily make my blood pressure rise to Randy "Macho Man" Savage levels by dwelling on how this was cocked up. I choose not to do this...but I can.

What a waste.
Not any where near what it could've/should've been but worth two bucks.
But to even have to qualify a STAR WARS movie...sheesh, I'm still depressed.

You need to watch The Big Red One: The Reconstruction. I inhaled the set this past weekend. Definitely went from a movie I had little or no regard for to one that I'd rank in my top ten.
I know, I know.

I've never even seent the regular version.
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