Monday, September 19, 2005

MAN did this THING suck!!! (See what I did there? Clever little joke.) I "watched" this atrocity at a friend's house. We mostly talked to each other over it because it was so bad. The only fun in it was the bald guy. The creature looked little or nothing like the M-T I knew and loved other than the red eyes.

As a side note I realized that Man-Thing/Swamp-Thing is sort of like Greenland/Iceland. Man-Thing is all swamp and no man and Swampy has a man at his core. Weirdness. There was also a lack of Stan Lee as far as I could tell.

Anyway, 0/10 for this stinker. Stay away, stay faaaaaar away.
I don't understand what you're saying about this film. Did you like it?

I think I will go buy you the extended Director's Cut to make sure.
Yeah... you do that, but don't come crying to me when you soul comes shreiking out of your body and impales you on your DVD remote.
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