Friday, November 04, 2005
  Columns and Visits...
Well I sent in the first of what I hope to be many columns to NationsPunched.com. It's a companion site to Chud.com and will contain commentary on all sorts of matters. It's not live yet though there is a page up that shows the design and has the first half dozen columns up. I won't link the temp page since I'm sure Nick doesn't want most folks to see it until it's "ready for prime time".

In other news my Aunt and Mom are coming to visit and help celebrate our youngest's first birthday. That should be mucho fun. I'm gonna carve out some time so that Mom and I can have some just to ourselves. It's been too long and in light of some friends of mine losing/having sick parents I need to cherish what I have.

And to pull this post out of sap ville:

Look! A cute puppy:

This is very interesting site... »
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