Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  Kansas Redefines Science...
God help them. I'm a Christian. I believe that God had a definite hand in creating the universe. He may have even taken six days to do so. I'm cool with that.

However, God gave us the brains we have to observe natuarlistic phenomena. That is the very definition of science. To redefine it can only mean that they want to teach religion to my kids in my kids' science class. I can't get behind that. If ID gets a scientific theory (which by definition they can't) then they can teach it, but don't change the rules just to get your way.

IMO neither the idea that we came from goop, nor the idea that we came from God should be taught in a science class. Only things that are observable and testable should. If you want to discuss scientific philosophy then have a class about that.
It is "observable and testable" that you haven't posted any updates to Stranded in quite a while.
It is also "observable and testable" that I've been writing other things. ;-P

If you're very very good then I should have somehting up this week.
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