Monday, November 07, 2005
  Movies Seen and Weekend Had...
I saw Zorro 2 and King Cobra. One was better than the other, but the best thing was hangin' out with the wife-person.

I bought a bottle of this and it is mighty, mighty fine.

Ate out quite a bit with family and celebrated my daughter's first birthday. She slept throught the first half. Babies can get away with stuff like that.

Wrote nothing. I am falling further and further behind schedule on this novel thing. Not good. Someone please kick me in the butt.
Where are my hobnailed boots?

Don't make me um..



just don't make me do it!

Just remember: Gray Furry Giant Snake
Okay that made me smile. I know you have oodles of time new dad, but have you even read Chapter 1 yet?
Did you like it and would you have time to read subsequent chapters?
I am currently on Chapter 5.
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