Thursday, December 29, 2005
  Harry Potter...

Finally got around to seeing the first three on DVD. They were pretty awesome and did indeed get better with each one. Can't wait to see the rest!
Isn't Harry Potter evil?
I hate cowards.
Are cowards evil?
No, but anonymous posters are cowards.
Brother's got a point.
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You are only one degree of anonymity above me. You didn't exactly put your social security number on your profile. On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog. If anonymous posters are to be berated, then remove the anonymous option. I could have easily put a fake name like Joe or George if that would make you feel better.
Well I know both Pat and Jay and both are going by their actual names. I leave the Anonymous as an option because with blogspot.com if you disable anonymous then only people with blogspot accounts can post comments. I have friends and family that don't and they use their first names or nicknames by clicking the "other" radio button.

Hopefully people will leave some sort of handle that they go by. Surely you have a first name or a "net" name that you can use? I don't think anonymous is so much cowardly as it is unoriginal and a bit lazy. Not berating you, just requesting some info, particularly if you want to make a comment towards discussion.

No HP is not "evil" though my wife thinks so. I happen to think that fantasy is a fun diversion. Too much interest in the occult can be unhealthy as can too much interest in just about any topic.
Well Phil, provided you aren't just spamming your blog then welcome!
Oh, he's spamming, alright.

His Park Ranger blog? riiiiiight.
But what is he spamming for, Juicy Fruit? Weird.
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