Wednesday, December 21, 2005
  Mysterious Cloaked Figure's Astonishing Test!
It's something to do on a slow day.

1) Does the departure of any one radio disc jockey, no matter who it is, merit a radio station changing its name, firing some DJs, and hiring others as they rearrange their schedule? I'm thinking specifically of 92.3 KROCK, soon to be known as “92.3 FREE”, but readers are free to answer the question on general principal.


2) What's the absolute worst last-minute gift you've ever given someone, and how do you feel about it today?

For my first anniversary I gave my wife a copy of Dave Barry's "Guide to Guys". I lamely tried to pass it off as soemthing "paper" which is the tradiional first anniversary gift. It was lame then and it is lame now. We're still married and for that I'm thankful.

3) Which song would you say most influenced and/or changed your taste in music?

Hmmmm. My taste in music is pretty broad. It's hard to pin it down to any one song or artist. I'm gonna let this one gestate.

4) You can either have a passive mental super power, or an active physical one. Which would you prefer and why?

I'm gonna say passive mental, because I'm a passive mental person. Emphasis on mental. As far as the specific power goes I'd love to have a sort of post-cognition that would come from handling objects. You know go into a house, touch the walls, and know everything that went on there.

5) Would you be comfortable with fame?

No. I'm not sure that it would be good for me. Would I enjoy it? Sure.

6) Since people thought the last test was too hard, I'll throw in an easy one: list as many prepositions as you'd like.

Wow. Dave Barry is funny and all, but I would have been mad if my husband had gotten that for me. I usually just tell him what to get me. It makes it so much easier.
That's a cool power. I've seen it referred to as Psychometry. Longshot had that ability as I recall, in addition to his luck powers(also passive and highly useful).

Thanks for taking the test!
Yup, psychometry, that's it. I couldn't think of what it was called.
i think mysterious cloaked figure might have it wrong re: the motives behind KROQ's change in format. radio stations don't make radical changes based on the actions of a single DJ, even when it's someone as high-profile as howard stern. in the case of KROQ, he's just the excuse. i say this becuz, the station on which howard stern airs here in dallas is an all-talk format that's been fairly profitable; hmmm, and now KROQ is changing to the same format. they can use howard stern as the excuse but it's about $$

i think it's kindof a loaded question anyway. isn't NO the obvious answer? who's gonna say "yes, radio stations SHOULD lay off their entire staffs because of one DJ!!!"
you ARE famous, thanks to this-here Wrandom Wramblings! hee
Hardly famous. I like the idea of being infamous more.
3) Song that most changed my taste in music.

It was '75 or so, and I was listening to a pretty song on the radio - "Blowin' in the Wind". As the words drifted in and out of my consciousness, I suddenly realized that the song was saying Richard Nixon was guilty of killing countless people.

Changed my view of music forever. Very cool.
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