Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  American Express Meme...
My childhood ambition ... Firefighter/Cowboy/Pilot (Common to most boys I guess). The one I've come closest to is writer and I've yet to get to first base there.
My fondest memory ... My honeymoon, I looove Charleston.
My soundtrack ... Theme from the Twilight Zone.
My retreat ... the mountains of NC
My wildest dream ... hasn't happened yet
My proudest moment ... hasn't happened yet
My biggest challenge ... to pick up my cross and follow Jesus
My alarm clock ... el cheapo and it cranks me up at 6:20.
My perfect day ... Playing with the kids, my wife, adn my X-box.
My first job ... Busboy
My indulgence ... good coffee and better beer
My last purchase ... Shaun of the Dead and Alien.
My favorite movie ... The Quiet Man
My inspiration ... Jesus
My life ... God, Family, Writing
My card ... Ace of spades.

Okay so I "copied" some of Bob's answers, but they were good ones.
All I can hear is Motorhead... "The Ace of Spades! The Ace of Spades!"
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