Thursday, January 05, 2006
  MCFAT Vol. V
1) I’m not on DVD, and I may never be on DVD as much as you wish I was. What am I?

Thundarr the Barbarian. A feature length remake is in order.

2) It’s going to be cold and gray for some months to come. There are no good movies playing. You don’t want to venture far or spend a lot of money, but sometimes the four walls of your home conspire to drive you mad and you just need to go SOMEWHERE. What do you do?

For the afternoon, the local used bookstore. For the weekend Ashville, NC.

3) If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be?

Probably sight, since without it I could still read though I'd have to learn braille. I couldn't do without hearing music, smelling flowers, tasting my wife's salsa, or touching my son's hair (kid hair is the best, I know that sounds weird).

4) This sitcom will NEVER be made into a major motion picture, not in a million years. Then again, it wouldn’t be that unprecedented. What’s the WORST case scenario, from sitcom choice to casting, that you could imagine?

"The Ropers" starring Steve Buscemi as Mr. Roper and Phyllis Diller as Mrs. Roper.

5) Now you’re a supervillain. Why? What has motivated you to use your powers for evil, what are your powers, and what are your methods and goals?

Actually given my dark personality as a younger man I could see me getting powers as a teen and using them to get back at all the bullies that pissed me off a la Carrie. And with that in mind TK would be my power of choice but I would use it in sneaky ways. Strictly a revenge killer at first, working my way up to a criminal killing equalizer/psychopath like Frank Castle.

6) Name one artist, in any discipline, who has affected your life in some way.

Tolkien, Lewis, and King who all inspired me to write. (Okay you did say one so I'll say Tolkien since I discovered him first.)
And another vote for bookstore. A pattern hath formed.

Thundarr--! I loved that show. I haven't thought about it in a while too. You're right, it's not on DVD. Pity. I do have a cartoon in mind as part of my answer, but this wasn't it.

Buscemi as Roper. Genius.
I imagine that as much time as most of us spend online we are probably all bibliophiles.

I miss Thundarr but I'm not sure if it's as good as I remember. I'd like to have a DVD to find out. I know it was on VHS legitimately for a while.

Buscemi as Roper is great. Although being the huge Steve Buscemi fan that I am, I would be waiting in line for tickets.
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