Monday, February 06, 2006
  15 lbs Burger...
Look at the video here. A little more planning and a lack of "beetroot" and that would be a perfect party burger.

Extreme food, in fact extreme anything is a pandemic in our country. We have Extreme Wrestling, Dating, Makeovers, Sports, and Ghostbusters. What does that say about our society?

America has to be the first, biggest, or best at just about everything. We aren't as good at inventing things as we are at re-inventing or super-sizing something. Then when something we make is too big we make it bit smaller (though it's still too big). We want big roller coasters, big movies, assault our senses with the biggest screens and stereo systems that money can buy. We aren't comfortable in our own small skins.

No wonder it's so hard to hear a still, small voice that's speaking to us. When you sit down to meet God in the Compaq Center and watch your pastor on the Jumbo-tron how can you have an intimate relationship with Him? Bigger is not necessarily better folks. Good things often do come in small packages.

The God of the Universe, bigger than all of his creation came down to us as a baby boy. He lived as we can only hope to. His ministry on Earth never went beyond the boundaries of his homeland. He only had a core of a dozen that followed him daily. Yes he preached to thousands, but even he had to get away and have solitude. Even he had to meet the Father in the quiet of the garden when things were really crushing down on him.

I'm not dogging my brothers and sisters in their mega-churches. God made and honors the big things of this world too. But every once in a while (to quote the master) you just have to say, "Let's get small."
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