Tuesday, February 14, 2006
  Gorram it!

Flash back a couple of years... I was way to busy with life to watch this weird little sci-fi show by the guy who was responsible for Buffy (a show that I could never get into).

Fast forward to last year. I never get to watch every movie that I want to. Kids, a wife, a life all seem to get in the way, not to mention that whipping out forty bucks (tickets, popcorn, drink, sitter) every time the wife and I go to see a flicker is a bit hard. So I miss Serenity thinking, it looks cool but it doesn't look that cool.

So a guy gives me the series on DVD (Firefly in case you're in the dark so far). It took some time to watch it and when I did I would watch two or three at a pop. It's outstanding. It's what a television Western/Sci-fi series should be.

This thing has heart. It's funny. The characters are folk that after only a couple of episodes you care about. The sets are great. The special effects are awesome. The writing is top notch.

I watched the last two episodes last night. At the end of Heart of Gold I screamed "Nooooooo!" at the television, knowing that the major plot line they laid on me over the course of the previous twelve eps would never be resolved. Watching Objects in Space (the last one) made me sad and I almost didn't want to finish it, knowing that whatever happened would forever leave me hanging. I was right, but I'm glad I finished it.

Do yourself a favor and get the DVD's and watch them. Watch them in the order the writers intended (not the order that the ruttin' network aired them in).

There are rumbles that it will be picked up by the new network that's springing from the ashes of the WB, but I'm not holding my breath. After all a failed series and a failed movie are probably the nails in its coffin. But I'll hold out hope.
Never saw the series, but Serenity was exactly what you described. It was a shocker, and I loved it. VERY cool.
You should rent the series sometime.
Why it got cancelled I will never understand. So much better than Buffy (although Firefly doens't have Amber Benson, pity).
I had caught Serenity before seeing any of Firefly, so naturally I was a tad lost, but it was a great movie I thought, stood on it's own pretty well. When Pat picked up the series, we watched the first four or five together. I need to borrow the rest of the series and catch the rest of them.
Yes. Yes you do.
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » »
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