Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  M.C.F.A.T. Volume VIII
1)From any television show past or present, which character would you wish to have as a sidekick in real life? Valid answers include but are not limited to talking vehicles, intelligent animals, ghosts, sassy maids and more.

Landshark, because he’s clever, hard to kill, and could eat people at my command.

2) ”Guns ‘n Roses” might be releasing a new album this year. If you could hear a new CD from a band that's no longer together, possibly with deceased members, what band would that be?

The easy answer would be the Beatles. I’m not gonna go there. I’ll go with Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

3) What's the worst thing a person could ask you on a job interview, and how would you respond?

I hate the question, “What do you consider one of your weaknesses?”. Typically I go with, “Interviews, I’m not good at ‘em.” Okay, not really.

4) What do you consider your greatest weakness, and greatest strength?

See there’s that question. At least here I can answer honestly.
Weakness - I’m not a sexual tyrannosaurus.
Strength – My sense of humor.

5) Who is your favorite game show host and why? If you don't watch game shows, you can skip this question or choose some random individual you’d enjoy as a host.

Wink Martindale for his name. Alex Trebec ‘cause he’s cool as ice.
BA Baracus for the sidekick.

The band would be a supergroup with Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin and Elvis.
Good choices all around.
B.A. or Landshark...tough call who'd win. Landshark would outsmart him and get in, but then B.A. would win with sheer Bad Attitude.

3's answer leads into 4....I love it when a plan comes together.

Wink Martindale is an awesome name.
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