Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Dell Renegade...
This is probably about as close as I've come to using "real profanity" on this here blog. Dell has a computer that costs ten grand! Mother #$(*$#(#!!!

Here's a picture:

This thing can have a terrabyte of HD space, 2 GIGS of RAM, an overclocked processor that's like six GIGAHERTZ. This is for playing GAMES! WTF!!!
It looks like Dave's wardrobe.
Except you can't get this at wal-mart.
There are plenty of Dell computers that cost over $10,000. We have several in the back room. Remember where you took that medical exam that time?
Yeah but those are servers. This is a machine for GAMES. A Personal Computer. Cah-razy.
Impressive, to say the least. I'm happy with my $300 upgrade as necessary box ;)
That is a sexy mah-cheen.
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