Thursday, March 16, 2006
My first review for HollywoodJesus is up and it's one of Firewall.

Why is the video review done by a rabbi? Is he a Jew for Jesus?
I'm almost kind of sorry that had to be your first movie, as opposed to... you know... something good.
Could be.

E - I actually enjoyed it, but I'll save K the trouble, I also like the Mummy and the Mummy Returns. I guess they're hard up for reviewers.
Was the technology presented accurately? I heard it was not, but I have not seen the film.
Mmmm not really. I'm sure they took some serious shortcuts (network security isn't my thang). But it is presented pretty convincingly.
Is there an actual wall of fire?

One reason I was not at all jazzed about this (frankly, a bit depressed) Harrison has aged...poorly.

ps - You liked The Mummy.
See the age thig wouldn't be so bad if they'd let him play the crafty old curmudgeon instead of having him fight.
Oh and your mother.
Hey, congratulations, man. I'll look forward to reading HollywoodJesus (GREAT name) for your reviews from now one.
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