Wednesday, March 29, 2006
  Holy Hotties...

JC's Girls is a ministry to women that are in the sex worker industry. Heather is a former stripper that wants to share the gospel with women that are where she was.

Their website includes links to XXXChurch (a ministry that helps those who struggle with pornography) and other groups to help men as well. I can see how this ministry is needed and I'm glad to see it. They are supported by a mainstream Baptist church in California which is surpising.

And it seems that these women have a healthy attitude towards sexuality in their marriages. Heather still strips but only for her husband. One user on gr.org said
The LA interview included that she teaches the women in her church how to strip for their husbands. Note to Lifeway: produce an instructional video, and it will outsell Warren and Eldredge combined.

From GetReligion's article:

Every month, JC’s Girls (JC is for Jesus Christ) and a few female volunteer church members visit strip clubs, where they pay for lap dances. While alone with a stripper in a booth, they forgo the dance and share the Gospel. In January, JC’s Girls went to Las Vegas for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, regarded as the nation’s largest trade show in the porn business, and handed out more than 200 Bibles wrapped in “Holy Hottie” T-shirts. Veitch, 31, who was a stripper for four years, founded the outreach ministry last March.

I love her answer to Alan Colmes' question “Can you be a stripper and a believer at the same time?”.

“The question,” she answered, “is can you be a glutton and a believer at the same time? Can you be a liar and a believer at the same time? Yes.”

Too often we see "sinners" as being other instead of remembering where we were and were we are now, sinners ourselves saved by grace.
No sin is in reality any greater than any other sin.
Would that it were that simple. The Bible does indicate that blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the worst sin. Unfortunately it's not real clear on what that means. Also in the OT theocracy there were gradations of temporal punishment for sins set up by God. Does/Could this mean that God sees certain sins as "worse" than others? Some say yes. Personally I think that while there is no clear cut hierarchy of sins (unless you're Catholic) Jesus (and by extension God) pretty much hates false piety the most.
Jesus (and by extension God) pretty much hates false piety the most.

hahahaha @ god hating republicans.
Is false piety a greater offense than suicide?
I'm not aware of anywhere that the Bible addresses suicide specifically. I've often heard it said that you can't be forgiven for suicide because you can't ask for forgiveness. This assumes that 1)you always die immediately (most suicides aren't successful) and 2)that you must ask forgiveness for every sin committed (impossible).
And yeah I imagine that there will be a surprising number of "red staters" that won't be "in that number".
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