Friday, March 03, 2006
  I Believe in Miracles...

Do you?

Dan Edelen over at Cerulean Sanctum does and posts some stories he has heard.

Some of it (all of it really) is hard for me to believe. How much of that is "healthy skepticism" and how much is my Western mind at work? I mean if I believe in a literal bodily resurrection, healing by the disciples (and Jesus), etc. then why not believe that it still happens? I'm not a cessationist. I've seen a thing or two that I qualify as miraculous, but nothing like what he writes.

What do you think gentle readers?
Thanks for the link back to my post at Cerulean Sanctum!
I've seen miracles. Benny Hinn snatching the crutches from a lame elderly person then she rises and dances a little jig. He does it over and over again. Why isn't he doing this at childrens hospitals all over the world?

I believe the term is "horse shit". I'd call it "evil", too because it manipulates the weak-minded.

And no I don't believe in elves, unicorns, or 17th level barbarian clerics with +3 flails either.
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Benny Hinn and the like are "obvious" charlatans. I've had miraculous experiences that don't include televangelists and faith healers. Believe me when I say that I share your contempt for them.
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