Thursday, March 23, 2006
  M.C.F.A.T. Volume X

1) You loved it, but critics hated it, or vice versa. Who’s right?
Well taste is a personal thing, so if I like something then no critic can take that away from me. However if you are trying to tell someone else why something (say... The Mummy or Armageddon) you better bring more to the party than that.

2) What’s the most expensive hobby you’ve had?
If I had actually spent money on it (and I want to) the Society for Creative Anachronism. Most expensive that I actually have spent money on? Beer making.

3) What sports, if any, have you played as part of an organized team? What sports, if any, have you played for fun?
Baseball and Bowling as part of a team. Volleyball, basketball, football (touch), foursquare, tennis (badly).

4) What would you do if you had a pet monkey?
Sell it.

5) Which is better: extreme heat or extreme cold?
Extreme cold. In theory one can always put on more clothes.
I think the "Society for Creative Anachronism" bears some elaboration...
As much as I hate Wiki...this does explain it well.

Lightning bolt, lightning bolt!
That's LARP, SCA is "historical reenactment". Thbbbbbt. (Though both can be rather silly.)
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