Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  My V for Vendetta Review...

Mine's up click here and scroll down to check it out. One more review and I'll have my own spot.
V's villianously verbose speech seemed vain and very vexxing for vapid vocabularies.

Also, I think 'Dredd' has two d's.

You hit on a couple of good points in there though, definitely. Particularl the note on the nature of masks and hiding behind false piety, as we see several of the main characters do throughout the film.

Also, I would tend to disagree in it's heavihandedness towards homosexuality. It was something constant in Evey's character development, prior to and during her 'incarceration', which I thought helped move her along while giving a good perspective on how things came to be the way they were, at least from an individual standpoint.

Honestly my favorite part of the film was John Hurt as the overmeister in the society. I look forward to a day soon when I can watch 1984 and this back-to-back.

Finally, more shovels for that Fingerman!
You're right about Dredd. Oh well in the future I'll be able to post my own and edit them. He puts new reviewers on a 3 review probation.

I think anyone that looks just at the politics is missing a bunch of stuff.

See the flashback would have been fine if the Talk Show guy hadn't been gay as well. I dunno.

I htink my favorite parts were a)V conducting the explosions b) the look on the faces of the cops when V didn't fall down followed by the kicking of ass and capped off by him removing the boiler plate a la Clint Eastwood/Marty McFly and sliding down in a smear of blood c) all the references to the Count of Monte Cristo (a favorite book of mine).
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