Thursday, March 16, 2006
  The Samchillian Keyboard...
Okay this is pretty dang cool. From Gizmodo:

an experimental musical keyboard by Israeli industrial designer Eitan Shefer, which is a MIDI controller based on relativity. The Samchillian keyboard takes a novel approach to a musical instrument, where you play music not as specific notes but select how they relate to the ones before them. For example, if you're playing a C and then want to play a D, you just push the +1 key. There are two directional keys, 16 keys and eight finger positions, and when you want to bend the pitch or manipulate the filters, you tilt the unit from side-to-side. It's also customizable for large or small hands.

I replied! (how does this work, anyways?)

And... that's really cool, this keyboard... very imaginative, and technologically up to date, although I kept thinking of the 'electric violin' from revenge of the nerds while I was watching.
How does what work?

And yeah I'm asking some musician friends if this is as cool as it looks.
The cross-blogging discussion thing... I'm new to this, after all.
Ahhhh. Well you're doing fine. I've only done one cross blog main post discussion.
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