Thursday, March 09, 2006
  Swiss Beat...
Man this thing is cooool:

And at 169.99 for a 1 gig MP3 player with FM radio AND a pair of cool scissors that's not bad. ;-)
But it's ugly as shit.

And for $30 more you could get a 2g iPod nano*.

*Scissors not included.
I have to agree with Ben here...Ugly is only breaking the surface of describing this.
It's only as ugly as any other Swiss Army knife. And since I carry one of those at all times I's be more likely to carry this than the Nano which would get broke.
I'd rather carry a real knife, and an MP3 player. This thing is a bad mating job; sharp objects and technology should exist together in the operating room, but not in your survival kit.
Well this way you get to listen to some tunes while you're lost in the wilderness.
...and killing your food with 3/4" scissors?

BTW, it's highly unlikely you'd break a Nano.

Wow, the Nano is rugged.

It actually also has a nail file and a knife.

In addition, unlike hte aforementioned Nano it has a user replaceable battery, a remote, an FM reciever, two earphone jacks, and a microphone. It also doesn't need ITunes and it has a two year warranty.

Believe me I'm a big Mac supporter, but I think this one's a better deal in every way, except it doesn't have a screen that will let you view pictures (big deal) and it only comes in 1 Gig models (for now).
As a piece of modern art, I like it. I'm waiting for Hasbro to make a Transformer version. That would be novel and I wouldn't cut myself. OK, I'd be less likely to cut myself. :)
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