Thursday, March 30, 2006
  To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo...
Not really a funny post per se, but I don't have a more appropos icon. I've had a though flit through my head from time to time over the past few months and I'm using my forum to put these thoughts down. The though is, whether or not to get inked.

I love good tattoos. I think it's an art form, one that is filled with a lot of bad art like any other. They can be sexy, stirring, disturbing, horrific, inspiring, etc. Up until now I've never put serious thought into getting one for myself though. I'm against pain. They're awfully permanent (though not absolutely). Good ones are expensive. Getting one carries with it risk of infection, or worse. I understand that it hurts. I don't have a rock solid idea for one. I'm afraid of looking lame, getting one at my age (not that I'm old). Did I mention that I don't care much for pain?

Anyway, I'm curious not so much what you think of me getting one (this sort of decision in one of the most personal), but what you think of them in general.

Why I would get one. I think that if you get a good one and put some looooong thought into it it's a great personal statement. It would be a good expression of my individuality (I wouldn't get one that the artist had "on the wall"). That's all I got right now.
Do it...
Don't do it.
Not a big fan of tattoos as fashion accessories (a bit passe now).

If the design is something personal and you feel strongly about it...go forth and mutilate.

Although, posting a general query on Ye Olde Bloge probably indicates reservations that should not be denied.

Also: they don't hurt, you big puss.
As I said, not really takign a survey, just trying to get an idea of what folk who read this think of them in general. But you're right, my reservations do outnumber/outweigh my reasons for getting one. Otherwise I'd have one. And they sure look painful, but most people I've talked to that have them agree that it's not that bad depending on where you get them.
Aren't tattoos a sin? Seriously, I've had people tell me they are a way of 'hurting the temple' or some such... I personally have two, one of which was rather spur of the moment and not so smart, and another which is perfect for me and reminds me of myself at another time. They're perfect reminders, great keepsakes, and make for great conversation whether you're on a date or talking to your grandkids ;) And yeah, they don't really hurt so much, especially if you're getting inked away from any bony protrusions (aka, watch out for the spine and your shoulders, in particular)
Leviticus 19:28
Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.

But I think that's talking about a very specific cultural practice and not tattooing in general. Yes our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit(1 Corinthians 6:18-20) but that passage is mainly talking about sexual immorality. I've heard people apply that passage to smoking, drinking, eating cheeseburgers, etc too, but I don't think that tattoos are harming your body and as long as they are "appropriate" I think it's okay. My wife disagrees vehemently of course. And for good or bad that's one tick mark in the "Don't Do It" column for me.
What are your tats of?

No, not really, but you should give those up dude, they're no good. Go veg!

One is of a wings-unfurled dragon on my shoulder, and the other is a very simple aquarius symbol near the crux of my shoulders on my spine (the dragon hurt more, incidentally). I'll see if I can trick my roommate into taking some pictures of the two, if you like.
I would pay if you got one in huge gothic lettering on your back that said:

scott i just want to say that tattoos are a lifetime commitment. think about what it will look like when you are old and wrinkled, and your conplection is not what it once was. just my thought.
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